Shell companies and Buisness relocation

Shell companies

Sale of limited company (“AG”) and limited liability company (“GmbH”)

Shell companies are companies that do not possess more assets than a bank account and a letterbox. Therefore they can be sold without mayor problems. Due to complex regulations and risks, experts (especially tax services) look at shell company trading with scepticism. The acquisition of a shell company can become soon too much for an amateur due to high risks and complexity. Numerous risks may appear only after years. The requirements of a buyer can in most cases fully be taken into consideration with the expert knowledge of a qualified specialist. Because we take care of the companies after sale in numerous cases we prefer to solve any problems before the sale instead of burdening them to the purchaser.

Currently we can offer you the following companies:

  • fiboma ag (Date of incorporation: 24.10.2018, price CHF  10’000 plus bank account of CHF 90’000; total CHF 100’000)
  • Chris Tribelhorn Photography GmbH (Date of incorporation: 10.01.2011, price CHF 10’000 plus bank account of CHF 5’000; total CHF 15’000)
  • Buri-Trains GmbH (Date of incorporation: 12.01.2012, price CHF 10’000 plus bank account of CHF 10’000; total CHF 20’000)
  • Rocamour GmbH (Date of incorporation: 13.05.2014, price CHF 10’000 plus bank account of CHF 10’000; total CHF 20’000)

For all companies Stefan Wieser is member of the board or manager and available as member of the board or manager after the sale. The members of the board or the managers are among other duties personally liable for social insurances. Therefore special care is necessary for companies that are offered by an intermediary or people, who are not registered in the commercial Register.

Place of business (Neumarkt 2, St. Leonhard-Strasse 39, 9000 St. Gallen) can be retained at your wish (CHF 1’100 per year). Here you can find a set of core characteristics in connection with limited companies and limited liability companies.

Framework for all companies offered by us:

  • Fully paid in equity
  • Company founded by us or accompanied by us before sale
  • No risks (especially social security, direct taxes and VAT)
  • Processing within 24h possible
  • Correct price
  • Confidentiality
  • Numerous companies available
  • Post-sale service through us welcome

Buisness relocation

Backing foreign companies

We are a licensed by STS (Swiss trustee school) as relocation specialists and assistances for companies from the EU wishing to relocate to Switzerland or set up a base in Switzerland. We also have the Certificate of Relocation issued by SECO (State Secretariat for Economic Affairs SECO). You can find detailed information on our services here.

Brochures of information

Handbook for Investors – Business Location in Switzerland.pdf
Switzerland – Your No. 1 business location in Europe.pdf
Swissnetwork: Switzerland – Business and Investment Handbook.pdf
Investment in Switzerland – Your gateway to Europe.pdf
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