Stefan Wieser
Stefan Wieser has founded the company in 2001. Before that he worked amongst other positions at PricewaterhouseCoopers in Switzerland and abroad. Stefan Wieser has a degree as business economist HWV, a diploma as swiss certified public accountant, is certified VAT specialist, licensed audit expert and member of the EXPERTsuisse_Qualitätslabel_Logo_farbig_positiv_DEXPERTsuisse (swiss institute of certified accountants and tax experts). Stefan Wieser himself takes care of every annual financial statement, every audit- and especially demanding consulting mandate. In his leisure Stefan Wieser is passionate sailor who takes part in races against other boats, organizes blue water cruises and has crossed the Atlantic several times. Stefan Wieser is a member of the old boys network “Die Nothensteiner”.
Contact: stefan.wieser [ät]
Boba Kaiser
Boba Kaiser joined the team in 2004. She did her apprenticeship at a ficuciary office and has ever since worked in this field. Boba Kaiser is specialized in annual financial statements, payroll accounting and tax returns of individuals and corporations. Since 2010 Boba Kaiser is general manager with joint signature. Boba Kaiser is married and mother of a son and a daughter. In her leisure she likes to read and swim.
Contact: boba.kaiser [ät]
Direct call: +41 (71) 394 03 16
Daniel Nufer
Daniel Nufer works for us since 2006. After his apprenticeship in a large fiduciary company he did his military service in the Swiss army in one part. Working part time, he completed his high school diploma in business in 2008. His activities are finance-, receivables- and payables-accountings and payroll accountings inclusive annual financial statements and IT support of some of our customers. Since 2013 Daniel Nufer is general manager with joint signature. In his leisure he is a soccer referee and plays piano.
Contact: daniel.nufer [ät]
Direct call: +41 (71) 394 03 13
Renate Kohler
Renate Kohler has joined our team in 2014. After her apprenticeship in a fiduciary company she gained experience in an SME fiduciary company and in the two Big Four companies Ernst & Young AG and KPMG. Renate Kohler deals with accounting till the preparation of financial statements and is specialized in value-added tax as well as taxes for individual persons. Currently she is preparing her diploma as a fiduciary with Swiss examination. She compensates her work with sports and likes to travel.
Contact: renate.kohler [ät] 
Direct call: +41 (71) 394 03 17
Gani Yildiz
Gani Yildiz joined our team in 2015. He is responsible for the accounting of our group, IT support and tax declarations of physical persons. His hobbies are playing soccer, going to the cinema and travelling.
Contact: gani.yildiz [ät]
Direct call: +41 (71) 394 03 15


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